When websites let you down

First blog on my new website. So how did this come about? well my current provider redframe has over the last few months been driving me insane. Unable to do anything, not able to load images, fundamental to a photographer, I persevered for ages.. Even seeing other peoples galleries on my website. I made the decision to change. But who to go with? I searched and searched online, thinking if I have to do this I only want to do it once. Comparing the top sites, Wix, Zenfolio two name a couple, as they are the ones that got to the final vote. Then it came down to the ease of use, I am not a techy person so needed something easy to use. Wix won hands down. So having been building this I am not far off ready to publish and touch wood has been really simple, even for me! I will update when it goes live.

#backstage #video #redrame #wix #zenfolio #websitecomparison #beebeaucom #gailtimms #fineartphotography

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